What’s He Building in There? l SS l June 2011 from The Watermill Center on Vimeo.

Manuela Infante, Camila Marambio, Trinidad Piriz, Renato Bernasconi, Ariel Bustamente

June 2011
The Watermill Center, New York, USA

What’s He Building in There? is the first part of an ongoing performance research project that brings into collaboration a theater director, a magician, a curator, and a sound artist. This demonstration will include guest magician, Renato Bernasconi, with special knowledge of the coin trick. The goal of the evening is to address the following questions: How does the coin disappear? How does matter disappear? How does something matter? The goal is to explore the production of magic tricks, human perception and theatre. Through the principles of invisibility, mystery and secrecy SS engages the audience in an exploration of how objects are made to disappear.

The evening starts as a talk about money, its origin and evolution. Progresivelly the conversation goes out of control. since the seminar is being recorded previously recorded audio appears randomly through the space, there is audio feedback and eventually performance and ghost sounds becomes a prepared orchestration.